Cheerful mausoleum

The 2017 January symposium

Erika Sass‎ to Földes Földes

January 10 at 8:37pm ·

Földes Földes: “Our most beloved little humans make live time capsules into the 22. century.” Well said.

Mimi Németh‎ to Földes Földes

January 26 at 6:18pm ·

János Smirg: thanks, but got some doubts about the substance. We call his homepage a cheerful mausoleum, a resting place for papers (not any person). But the cited Heidegger page is proposing about ‘being toward death’ as belonging to the being of Dasein.
– (This is not quite cheerful.)

Ferenc Kalas‎ to Földes Földes

January 27 at 2:08pm ·

Mimi Németh: May be cheerful because those papers outlive their mortal collector in an accessible form within a friendly society of elaborations from a number of branches of human knowledge.

Erika Sass “friendly society”, yes, just cast a glance on the title page head and viewing their proximity you can imagine their merry inter-reactiion as that of living creatures. But most papers were written by other authors.

Károly Nagy‎ to Földes Földes

January 29 at 4:24pm ·

Erika Sass: “But most papers were written by other authors.” This being the case, then why can they be found in the resting place of his own ones?

Károly Nagy: Tomb objects…

János Smirg Intellectual content lives on. As Bulgakov put it, papers do not burn. They can continue their interplay in reader’s thinking.

Boglár Széna‎ to Földes Földes

January 31 at 11:47am ·

Károly Nagy: No objects. He mentioned them as sources. Figuratively, his papers are “enterred” together with their intellectual ancestry.

Erika Sass‎ to Földes Földes

In a comment I was citing about “live time capsules”, and am now considering his homepage as a published time capsule into some next decades of our century.

Erika Sass: His findings were preserved in hardcopy printed materials before.. Those are dead objects. Existing online they can be processed, merged, embedded, that their intellectual content remains alive. Of course, not unchanged, subject to criticism, negation and modification by others.